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"I Help Expats Just Like You to Generate Additional Streams of Income, Eliminate Your Tax Bill, and Take Advantage of Offshore Structures So You Can Travel The World Freely and Never Have To Worry About Money Again"

Mikkel Thorup


Welcome welcome welcome, this is the Expat Money Show, my name is Mikkel Thorup and this is the podcast where we interview successful entrepreneurs from around the globe who are building their businesses while travelling the world and living abroad.


We talk about the successes and the failures, we talk travel, we talk what's trending and what’s hot around the globe.


We cover controversial topics like using an offshore bank account, offshore incorporation, tax exemptions on your foreign income and how to have a lower corporate tax bill. We even talk about how to protect your assets and set up a trust for wealth protection.


If business travel, money, and an offshore account excites you and you want to learn how to reduce your corporate tax bill and grow your business abroad then tune in to The Expat Money Show and start internationalizing your life today.

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In the Age of Content, Video Marketing is King

By Mikkel Thorup

While I love the financial freedom that entrepreneurship affords me, I have to admit that profit-making really isn’t the fuel that drives my engine. When I’m taking my fifth transatlantic flight of the month on a couple of hours sleep, to attend (yet another) three-day Mastermind event, I’m not thinking about the prospects that I…

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Want to Become a Top Seller on Amazon? Focus on Building Relationships Through Social Media

By Mikkel Thorup

No matter which way you look at it, Amazon is hands-down one of the largest sales platforms in the world.  What once began as a humble little online bookstore is now a global behemoth that ships an estimated 1.6 million packages per day. Last year, Amazon pushed past Microsoft to become the third biggest company…

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Mexico city

The Keys to an Effective Hispanic Marketing Strategy

By Mikkel Thorup

Expat entrepreneurship combines the inherent risk of business ownership with the opportunity and adventure of an unexplored market. As someone who has spent the better part of the past two decades building personal and professional relationships across the world, I can safely say that there’s nothing quite like it. While I’ve faced my fair share…

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Why Entrepreneur Seminars Might Be Your Most Important Business Investment

By Mikkel Thorup

What’s your business’s most important asset? Is it your downtown office space, the cutting-edge enterprise software you just splashed a cool six figures on, or is it the portfolio of products and services you’ve built up over your career?   While these are all great answers, they’re also fundamentally wrong. An economic analysis from Korn…

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Austin Kimm Interviewed on The Expat Money Show

EP 021: Austin Kimm – Crypterium a Crypto Bank for Crypto People – How They Are Changing The Landscape

Crypterium a Crypto Bank for Crypto People – How they are changing the landscape.   Austin Kimm is the Co-founder and Financial Director of Crypterium, a Crypto Bank for Crypto…

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Marco Abele Interviewed on The Expat Money Show

EP 017: Marco Abele – TEND Platform – How The Tokenization Of Assets Will Begin

TEND Platform – How the Tokenization of Assets Will Begin   Today’s guest is formerly the Cheif Digital Officer at one of the worlds most prestigious banks, he is a Fin-Tech…

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Eyal Hertzog Interviewed on The Expat Money Show

EP 015: Eyal Hertzog – Why Bancor A Decentralize Liquidity Network Will Change The World

Why Bancor A Decentralize Liquidity Network Will Change The World. We are joined by Eyal Hertzog the Co-Founder of The Bancor Network a top 100 Cryptocurrency Token. In this interview,…

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About Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup has spent nearly 20 years in continual travel around the world, visiting nearly 100 countries including Colombia, North Korea, Zimbabwe and Iran.

And has lived as an Expat since 2002 making his home in Central America, South Pacific, Asia, the Arctic, North America, as well as the Middle East.

Throughout his explorations, Mikkel Thorup has kept a keen eye on different investments and businesses. Putting money where his mouth is and finding some very interesting and often very different opportunities…