223: Fortifying Your Digital Fortress: Top Privacy and Security Tips for Expats

Today we’ve compiled the best episodes on Privacy & Secrecy.

We chat with Gabriel Custodiet, Terry Tillaart, Sean Aranda, and Tobias Ruck.



  • How Gabriel learned about privacy and began his privacy lifestyle, and why you need to take these issues seriously.
  • Why it is so important to “stop making it easy” to access our private data.
  • We chat about if it’s possible to have privacy vs Big Tech.
  • Terry on why we are all mutually responsible for the parallel economy.
  • Sean and I discuss “ghost guns” and 3D-printed guns.
  • Tobias and I discuss solutions to the issue of privacy when using cryptocurrency.
  • Terry on which cryptos are “for the people” and which are not.
  • Tobias breaks down what is a “tumbler” option for privacy vs. individual privacy coins.
  • Find out about other projects taking place within the parallel economy to increase privacy and a few privacy issues regarding the internet, email, and more…
  • Gabriel shares his five major recommendations to make right now.



217: Online Privacy For Freedom Minded Individuals – Terry Tillaart 

188: Deep Dive On Privacy Coins And How To Stay Anonymous – Tobias Ruck 

187: How To 3D Print Firearms Anywhere In The World – Sean Aranda 

162: How Privacy Can Protect You If They Come For You – Gabriel Custodiet 



I hope you like this compilation of episodes. They were some of my favourites throughout the year. I thoroughly enjoy interviewing interesting people, and these four certainly were interesting.

See you all next Wednesday on the podcast!

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