222: Innovative Living: How Expats Benefit from Special Economic Zones and Private Cities

We’ve had some really amazing guests this year, and I wanted to share with you some great excerpts from some of the episodes, kind of like a recap for anyone interested in learning more about Special Economic Zones and Private Cities.

In today’s compilation, we chat with Thibault Serlet, Francisco Litvay, Patri Friedman and Peter Young. We discuss many things, and here are a few concepts and ideas I think you’ll really enjoy.

  • Thibault shares a mythical legend about economic zones. 
  • Francisco explains the philosophy behind free cities.
  • Peter talks to us about why more countries don’t go the free city route, how to go about instituting them & challenges along the way.
  • Francisco talks about Prospera in detail and about the battle vs government.
  • Patri gives us an update on Honduras and looks into future projects.
  • Thibault discusses how zones are spread out across the globe.
  • Peter tells us about corrupt countries and how to penetrate them with free cities.
  • Patri talks about the power of exiting and voting with your feet and what needs to be done going forward.
  • Francisco tells us the actions you can take to increase freedom with special economic zones.



214: Stacking Laws Like LEGO Blocks To Secure Your Freedom – Patri Friedman

210: How To Use Special Economic Zones -Thibault Serlet

202: What Is A Startup City? – Francisco Litvay

192: Building Free Private Cities Around The World – Peter Young



Well, there you have it. Four amazing guests with four great concepts and ideas. I do hope you enjoy listening to these short excerpts from the podcast. As you can see above, I’ve listed the episodes in their entirety if you want to listen to the full episode.

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