302: Digital Marketing In The Age Of Technocracy – Wilfried Ligthart

The Power Of Value Digital Marketing In The Age of Technocracy - Wilfried Ligthart

How can you get your message out in the Age of Technocracy? Today’s guest, Wilfried Ligthart is a renowned Digital Blacksmith with a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape. He specializes in driving external traffic, developing engaging online communities, and converting digital audiences into profitable customers.  As we discuss in today’s episode, Wilfried has…

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301: Beyond The Backyard: Investing In Brazil’s Beachfront

Beyond The Backyard: Investing In Brazil's Beachfront

The prime beachside developments I unveiled in this past weekend’s webinar, along with my friend John Palumbo, have already demonstrated to me first-hand that they are cash flow machines. I am thrilled to be now able to share this opportunity with my audience.  Not to spoil the surprise, but we sold out the project live…

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300: Living Internationally: Lessons From 300 Episodes

300 episodes—I truly can’t believe it!  In many ways, it feels like yesterday when I recorded the first episode of the Expat Money Show. At the same time, my life and this company have changed drastically since that day.  Today, I decided to invite my good friend and colleague Marc Clair—who has known me for…

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299: Expat News: Panama’s New President, Millionaires Fleeing The US, and Malaysia’s Hilarious Visa Flop

Expat News: Panama's New President, Millionaire's Fleeing The US, and Malaysia's Hilarious Visa Flop

What is my take on Panama’s new President, José Raúl Mulino? Why are so many millionaires fleeing the US? And what happens when a country vastly overestimates its visa offering?  In this week’s episode, you’ll hear my thoughts on the above and so much more as we dive into the latest stories affecting expats on…

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298: World War Watch: Middle East Conflicts and Tensions In The Taiwan Strait – Kyle Anzalone

From the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East to the tensions in the Taiwan Strait, it’s hard to keep up with all of the unfortunate military conflicts around the globe. With a wife, three children, and a seven-figure business to run, I find it difficult to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape of these…

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297: A Chilean Birth Story – Why We Went South For Baby Number Three

EMS 297 A Chilean Birth Story

Imagine being born and already having a leg up on your expat journey with a second passport. That’s exactly what our latest newborn son got to experience, even if he’s not quite old enough to be aware of it yet, as my wife and I did the birth tourism thing again and travelled to the…

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295: Offbeat Escapes: Exploring Contrarian Plan-B Locations – Brian Greco

Has your inner contrarian been nagging you to explore some offbeat Plan B expat locations? Today’s episode is just for you, as I welcome my good friend Brian Greco to the show. Brian is a world traveller, market researcher, and internationalization author who specializes in exploring lesser-known destinations and finding unique and compelling lifestyle opportunities…

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294: Mikkel Unfiltered: A Spicy Take On The Expat World

Ever wished I would loosen up a little and tell you what I really think? I say this somewhat in jest, of course – long-time listeners know I am not really one to hold back and always strive to deliver my perspective in the most straightforward way possible. But I think you’ll find in this…

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293: What’s It Like To Work With Expat Money?

What’s it really like to work with me? That’s exactly what my colleague Marc Clair asked several of my clients and partners last month during my 41st birthday bash in Panama. This came at the tail end of our Panama Expat Exploration & Investment Tour, where I spent the week helping clients craft their own…

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292: From IRA to International: Investing In Foreign Real Estate With SDIRAs

Are you an American with an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) loaded with mutual funds, investing in the incredibly shaky foundation of the U.S. stock market? Today’s episode is just for you. This week, I am going to share a recent webinar I held where I invited our new partner, Matt Calhoun from Equity Trust, to…

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