261: Preparing Your Investments For the Coming Recession – Rick Rule

Rick Rule is a legendary investor known for his expertise in natural resources, including agriculture, alternative energy, forestry, oil and gas, mining, and water. He is the founder of Sprott US Holdings, which he later merged into Sprott Incorporated in 2011.  

He joins me today to discuss his investment strategy and how listeners can best prepare their portfolios for the forthcoming recession.



  • Hear Rick break down what he sees as a coming realization that the “chickens are coming home to roost” for natural resources investments.
  • Tune in for Rick’s take on the gold market and the economic and political factors that will influence the price of gold in the coming years. 
  • Listen to Rick explain why if you try to analyze natural resource companies the same way that you would supermarkets or auto manufacturers, you’ll lose all your money.
  • Rick and I discuss the complex nature of investing in the technology sector – and why he avoids it altogether.
  • Uncover Rick’s insights on the tricky task of navigating geopolitical factors when investing.
  • Find out which surprising country has been the best in Rick’s portfolio – I guarantee you won’t guess this one!
  • Listen to why Rick assumes there will be a recession in the next five years – and why he has the track record to be taken seriously!
  • Learn why Rick greatly prefers precious metals over cryptocurrency when it comes to preserving your wealth. 
  • Find out what investment concept Rick refers to as the “eighth wonder of the world.”
  • Hear Rick’s take on the truth about inflation, including his #1 tip on how you can protect yourself.



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It was an honour to have Rick Rule – an absolute living legend in the investment world – as a guest on the program. Rick’s decades of investing success and track record of predicting recessions made him the perfect person to help prepare listeners for the troubling economic times ahead. I hope you get as much value out of the conversation as I did. Enjoy!

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