042: Executive Leaves It All Behind To Travel The World – Matt Javit

Matt Javit Interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Matt Javit and his wife Nikki left their high paying Executive jobs in the USA to pursue their love of travelling the world and learning what it’s like to be true entrepreneurs. Listen in to hear Matt talk about what it took to finally make the leap of faith and trust that everything they had planned…

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041: Oren Klaff – Learn To Pitch Anything From The Guy Who Has Raised Over 2 Billion In Capital

Oren Klaff Interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Oren Klaff is the author of Pitch Anything, which has sold well over 1,000,000 copies and he has trained over 80,000 people using the Oren Klaff Pitch Anything Method. Oren has raised over 2 Billion in Capital, so who better to learn from when you have an idea to pitch or you want to know how…

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040: Mike Michalowicz – Eradicate Entrepreneurial Poverty By Taking Profit First

Mike Michalowicz author of Profit First, is a man on a mission: Eradicate Entrepreneurial Poverty! In 2008, Mike lost everything through what he calls arrogance & ignorance. Listen as Mike recounts his story of how his 9-year-old daughter wanted to ‘provide for her family’.   Profit First We talked about Mike Michalowicz’s book: Profit First. He states that…

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039: World Renowned Freelance Writer Talks About Penis Theft – Frank Bures

Interview with Frank Bures on The Expat Money Show

Award-winning freelance writer and essayist, Frank Bures, shares his unique perspective on the world he has lived in and written about in depth. As a world-renowned Travel Writer, Frank talks about the historical features and the geography of a city/country, that we have no idea exist and because of that, we have become fascinated with his ability to see and…

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037: How To Land Your Dream Job Abroad – Zak Slayback

Zak Slayback interviewed on The Expat Money Show

In this Interview with Zak Slayback, we talk about how important being coachable is and that it’s not so much about what he can add to your business structure, rather what he can take away so that you land your dream job while teaching you the proper skills of writing the perfect email and how…

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036: Jim Rogers – North Korea, China, Mandarin And The Current State Of Education

Jim Rogers Interviewed on The Expat Money Show

In this Interview with Jim Rogers, I get updated opinions on everything from North Korea and China to the Mandarin language and the current state of education around the world. Jim Rogers tells me what he is teaching his own children and where he as an investor is putting his own money today.   Jim…

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035: Artificial Intelligence And The Radical Changes That Will Happen In The Coming Years – Ben Hammersley

Interview with Ben Hammersley on The Expat Money Show

Ben Hammersley is a futurist, but that’s not how he started his career some 20 years ago. Similar to so many of us, his career path has evolved into something he absolutely loves as he helps companies and individuals create a more productive and effective workspace.   Let’s start with the obvious..what is a Futurist? and why…

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034: Using Virtual Assistants To Grow Your Business So You Can Be Location Independent – Michelle Dale

Interview with Michelle Dale on The Expat Money Show

Michelle Dale is the creator of Virtual Miss Friday, an online Virtual Assistants company that helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams starting with what Michelle would say is the most important aspect of a successful business: Mindset. Michelle equates working on mindset and being an entrepreneur as one in the same.   Specializing in digital product sales…

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033: Expat Entrepreneur Shares What He Has Learned In His 3 Decades As A Professional Travel Writer – Tim Leffel

Interview with Tim Leffel on The Expat Money Show

Tim Leffel, an award-winning travel writer and author of several travel books, including, Travel Writing 2.0: Earning Money From Your Travels in the New Media Landscape, and, A Better Life for Half the Price: How to prosper on less money in the cheapest places to live. Joins us on The Expat Money Show to talk about travel…

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032: Designing The Life Of Your Dreams As An Expat Entrepreneur – David McKeegan

David McKeegan interviewed on The Expat Money Show

David McKeegan and Mikkel Thorup talk in detail about what it takes to be an expat entrepreneur. How a young couples life looks like starting in NY City as students, moving to Barcelona Spain for an MBA program, starting their careers in Finance in London, England and realizing that they just didn’t want to raise a…

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