246: A New Hope: Ernie Baca’s Alternative Path to Beating Cancer

Ernie Baca interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show Podcast

Today’s guest is Ernie Baca, a retired law enforcement professional with a distinguished career spanning 30 years. During his tenure with the United States Marshals Service, he was part of high-profile cases such as the Trials of John Gotti, the World Trade Center Bombers, and Timothy McVey.

Upon retiring at the age of 52, he moved to Mexico and fell in love with San Miguel de Allende, where he initially settled before moving to Monterrey. He now serves the Expat community by sharing his experiences of moving, living, and travelling to Mexico through his well-known YouTube Channel, “Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL.”



  • Listen to Ernie detail his backstory in various U.S. federal law enforcement agencies, leading him to find and fall in love with Latin America.
  • Ernie details why he ended up moving to Mexico “by accident” upon retiring at the age of 52. 
  • Hear Ernie describe the U.S. doctor’s visit that awakened him to the idea that, perhaps, U.S. health care isn’t the greatest in the world after all. 
  • Your jaw will drop as you hear the nightmare of red tape and bureaucratic boondoggles Ernie had to manage to try to deal with U.S. health insurance companies. 
  • Learn how Ernie’s healthcare woes led to his wife suggesting the crazy idea of trying a doctor in Mexico.
  • Ernie describes his absolute amazement at the rapid and excellent service he received in Mexico, getting the MRI he spent months trying to get in the U.S. the next day in Mexico at a fraction of the cost. 
  • You will be floored to learn about the incredibly high level of treatment Ernie received all along the process of diagnosing and treating his cancer in Mexico. 
  • Hear the inspiring perspective that beating cancer gave to Ernie and how it has propelled his new lease on life as he continues to enjoy the retired life in Mexico, cancer-free.



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“Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL” on YouTube



It was absolutely incredible to hear Ernie’s story. I legitimately got shivers up my spine during certain parts of his harrowing journey dealing with cancer. But Ernie’s story is an excellent example of what I am always driving home to my listeners – there are almost always superior, more affordable options overseas, even when it comes to saving your own life.

I enjoyed my conversation with Ernie so much that I’ve already invited him back to discuss safety and security in Latin America, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast and the Expat Money YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

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