262: 3 Things I Had To Overcome To Find Success

Mikkel Thorup: The 3 Things I Had To Overcome to Find Success - Expat Money Show

In today’s episode, I’m going talk to you guys about a theme that has been playing out on the podcast for maybe the last year or so. Across several episodes, I have been trying to organize my thoughts regarding what I’ve been able to do over the last couple of decades to set myself up…

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250: The Biggest and Best of Expat Money

Mikkel Thorup presents the best of the Expat Money Show

Today’s episode celebrates 250 episodes of the Expat Money Show! I can’t believe some of the incredible people I’ve gotten to speak to doing this podcast, many of whom I admired years before this show, were even an idea in my mind.  It occurred to me that many of you hadn’t yet begun your expat…

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246: Beating Cancer In Mexico – Ernie Baca

Ernie Baca interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show Podcast

Today’s guest is Ernie Baca, a retired law enforcement professional with a distinguished career spanning 30 years. During his tenure with the United States Marshals Service, he was part of high-profile cases such as the Trials of John Gotti, the World Trade Center Bombers, and Timothy McVey. Upon retiring at the age of 52, he…

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234: I Wrote A New Book On Moving To Mexico

Expats Guide On Moving To Mexico

Today on the Expat Money Show I am going to do a “freedom read”, a concept inspired by my friend Kevin Koskella on his Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, where he would read sections of prominent freedom books which I thought was such a cool idea. So today I am going to be reading the first few…

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175: Telemedicine For International Families – Efrat Sagi-Ofir

Efrat Sagi-Ofir interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Efrat Sagi-Ofir the 2020 top-five finalist and People’s Choice winner in Quesnay’s Female Founders in InsurTech competition in recognition of her work with Air Doctor. Along with her partners, they started Air Doctor to ensure medicine was accessible to anyone at any time, and while the journey…

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