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EP 025: Mikkel Thorup – Lets Us All Into His World Of Adventure

Mikkel Thorup speaks on The Expat Money Show

Why Mikkel Thorup Decided to Interview Himself This is a momentous occasion for the Expat Money Show. Episode 25! Pretty impressive really! 24 guests, 24 amazing stories have been recorded, listened to, and downloaded from all over the world. Mikkel wanted to celebrate this achievement and record his story, his adversities, his love of travel and entrepreneurship.…

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EP 014: Marco Robinson – Get A House For Free

Marco Robinson Interviewed on The Expat Money Show

Our guest on The Expat Money Show this week is Marco Robinson, the Star and Creator of “Get A House For Free” on Channel 4 in the UK. He is a two time Best Selling Author and is the founder of NAKED Group of Companies. The brand includes Award Winning Naked Restaurant and Bar, Naked Coffee, Naked…

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EP 008: Ryan Lee – The Value Of Self Learning Through Books

Ryan Lee interviewed on The Expat Money Show

In this episode of The Expat Money Show Mikkel Thorup interviews Ryan Lee, a professional teacher from Canada living in Seoul Korea. He runs BooksTakeAway on YouTube where he promotes self-learning and interviews and reviews incredible authors from around the world.   In this interview we discuss: Heaps of incredible authors Self Learning Building momentum Cryptocurrencies Real…

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