104: Digging Into The Deep State And Where The Election Is Taking Us – Chris Temple

Chris Temple interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Chris Temple, who is in his fifth decade in the financial world and is an “outlier” of sorts. He is editor/publisher of the National Investor, a twice-monthly publication that distinguishes the knowledge he provides from the oceans of mere information that people typically have to wade through.

Not sure how you can pack more information into an hour’s podcast, but Mikkel Thorup and Chris Temple did their best! For those of you interested in politics, past and present, and wondering what will happen if either the Republicans or Democrats get in, then you will want to listen today. Chris also shares some great stock tips….great, great episode!



  • USA Presidential Election 2020
  • Seeing through the facade: What is the agenda of the Deep State, What is the agenda of Global Capitalism and what is the agenda of Globalization.
  • What is the Deep State?
  • Harry Browne
  • Gold Space – This is not your father’s Gold market!
  • China and the Cold ware
  • CIA/FBI/Justice Department
  • Why does Trump get to be a ‘loose cannon’
  • Predictions for the Middle East
  • Africa & China
  • and so much more…



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What a fast packed hour with Chris Temple. We talk about the predictions for the upcoming US elections. It’s a nightmare no matter who gets in I reckon, but it’s good to hear someone else back up the theories I’ve got. Discussing the Deep State was super interesting too. So much information, you just really have to listen to the entire hour.


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