062: Author of In Gold We Trust Report Talks Predictions And China’s Role In Gold Markets – Ronald Stöferle

Ronald Stöferle interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

In this episode of The Expat Money Show, we speak to Ronald Stöferle, author of In Gold We Trust Report. We talk about the relationship between The Austrian School of Economics And The Gold Standard. Also, China’s Role In Gold Markets, and his Gold Predictions going forward.


Ronald Stöferle

Ronald Stöferle is one of four managing partners in Incrementum AG, an independent investment and asset management company based in Liechtenstein. They specialize in a holistic form of asset management and professional portfolio management for retail investors. Along with his partner Mark Valek, they have created an annual gold report, In Gold We Trust Report, which is the gold standard of all gold studies.


The Austrian School of Economics And The Gold Standard

I ask Ronald Stöferle about The Austrian School of Economics and the Gold Standard and their relationship together. Ronald explains it is not so much about gold and the gold standard. The Austrian School of Economics is a way to look at investing in general and how investing and monetary flow fits into our world. Listen in to hear Ronald Stöferle’s views on The Austrian School of Economics and the Gold Standard in his own words.


China’s Role In Gold Markets

China’s role in gold markets is extremely interesting. Obviously, we know that governments like China are using gold as a way to hedge against inflation, and as Ronald Stöferle explains in this interview it’s pretty much a non-secret that China holds a considerable amount more gold than they are reporting to the rest of the world. Listen to Ronald Stöferle’s stories of visiting Shanghai and his opinions on China’s role in gold markets.


Gold Prediction 2019

We discuss not only gold predictions for 2019 but also for 5 and 10 years out. Will it be 5k an oz? 6k an oz?

Listen to today’s interview with Ronald Stöferle to hear where he thinks gold is heading. And as importantly, WHY he believes it will go in that direction.


In Gold We Trust Report

In Gold We Trust Report is the gold standard in gold reports. Last year it was downloaded more than 1.7 million times and is available in English and German (2019 will also be available in Chinese).

The report is now more than 230 pages long and has taken a team of analysts months of work to compile. Listen in to hear Ronald Stöferle explain how he has tried to incorporate an Austrian School of Economics view of the world in his report and how he uses fun easily understood examples of the value of gold in relation to things like the price of 1L of beer at Octoberfest in Munich, or gold in relation to the price of a ticket to Walt Disney World.

Ronald Stöferle and his team do a fantastic job of explaining gold in a way that anyone can understand. I guess that’s why the In Gold We Trust Report is so wildly popular!

Download your copy for free and learn more about what Ronald Stöferle and his team do here: https://InGoldWeTrust.report



Obviously, by listening to this episode, you will see I am massively into tracking and understanding the gold markets and how it relates to the financial affairs for Expats around the world. I see this as a worldwide currency that combats out of control governments from completely eroding our wealth.

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