218: Powering the Future: Nick Giambruno on Energy and Bitcoin

Nick Giambruno interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Nick Giambruno, a renowned speculator and international investor. He’s the Founder of The Financial Underground and Editor in Chief of its premium investment research publication, Contra Speculator.

Nick travels the world searching for lucrative investment opportunities in overlooked markets and is known for spotting geopolitical and economic trends early.



  • Nick and I dig into early Bitcoin adoption and what China and Russia would look like if they adopted Bitcoin. 
  • Argentina and Venezuela, both energy-producing countries, might be great candidates as well to adopt Bitcoin and lead the world in Bitcoin mining, but what would that look like?
  • Understanding the Petrodollar, the relations between the Saudis and the Americans, and knowing the fundamentals here.
  • A fascinating conversation regarding governments using Bitcoin to trade things like oil and other commodities like grains and such, all in Bitcoin.
  • Are there good investments or speculations in the Middle East that are worthwhile? 
  • Nick and I discuss the big picture situation geopolitically, economically, and how very important it is concerning the Middle East.
  • Nick shares his research on Bitcoin mining companies, and we learn about these companies and what the difference is between investing in them as opposed to investing in Bitcoin directly.
  • If you’re a beginner in buying and selling Bitcoin, Nick explains his favourite wallet and what you need to do to hold your bitcoin safely.
  • Learn when the best time to buy Bitcoin is, how you can know what point in the cycle you are and how long you should hold on to it to ensure you make a good return on your investment.



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Amazing conversation with Nick Giambruno. We really cover a lot of topics and ground on this episode. Fast-paced and so interesting. Don’t miss this one!

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