108: Bitcoin vs Gold Live Debate From Vegas

Mikkel Thorup hosts a live debate on Bitcoin vs Gold in Las Vegas on The Expat Money Show

In today’s episode of The Expat Money Show, we did something totally different and I would really like your feedback. After you’ve listened to this episode, please go to ExpatMoney/forum and leave us an honest review. I want to know if you all loved it or hated it. I also want you to vote: Bitcoin vs Gold when you leave your review.

I had a ton of fun with this debate…yes, this episode is a debate. While in Las Vegas earlier this month, I hosted a debate and the topic was Bitcoin vs Gold. I had 7 questions and both sides got their chance to defend their beliefs.

We had 4 panellists, 2 for Bitcoin and 2 for Gold.

Team Bitcoin: Eryka Gemma and Paul Rosenberg

Team Gold: Rich Checkan and Kirk Chisholm

I was the moderator, and thank goodness I was there…we almost had bloodshed..whew!

Here are the topics discussed. Each side had roughly 2 minutes to defend their side and then our esteemed audience voted!

Round 1: Cross Border Transactions

Round 2: Privacy & Practical Issues

Round 3: Intrinsic Value

Round 4: Longevity

Round 5: Counterfit

Round 6: Liquidity

and the final round: Education


I gotta tell you, this was a tough room! The audience voted, and the winner was…..

Make sure to listen to the entire episode to find out who the winner was. This debate was just a ton of fun and light-hearted and everyone had a great time!

All 4 of our panellists have been on our podcast over the past year, here they are:

Team Gold

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Team Bitcoin

102: Bitcoin For International Privacy, Protection And Control – Eryka Gemma

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Both teams were amazing and understand their field better than anyone else I know. I hope you take some time and listen to these folks talk about gold, wealth and bitcoin. They really know what they are talking about. Make sure to please go to ExpatMoney/forum and leave us an honest review. I want to know if you all loved it or hated it.


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His goal now is to help Expats just like you to generate additional streams of income, eliminate your tax bill, and take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again.

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