303: Javier Milei’s Presidency: The Real Impact On Freedom In Argentina – Skot Sheller

303: Javier Milei's Presidency: The Real Impact On Freedom In Argentina - Skot Sheller

Javier Milei has been the talk of freedom-oriented expat circles since the libertarian firebrand was elected president of Argentina last year. Today, I am joined by Skot Sheller, who has been following Milei’s work for years and is himself pursuing Argentinian citizenship. Enjoy today’s discussion as Skot and I look at what Javier Milei has really accomplished so far, the opposition he faces from within Argentina, and the broader implications for freedom across Latin America and the world.



  • Discover how Skot first became fascinated not just with Argentina but with its history and politics. 
  • How did Argentina wind up with an anarcho-capitalist as President after decades of socialism? Skot lays out how Milei maneuvered his way into the Presidency. 
  • Learn how the black market completely managed the exchange of dollars and pesos in Argentina when the government proved unreliable. 
  • Uncover the reasons why, despite concerns about de-dollarization, the dollar is still seen as a safe haven compared to many Latin American currencies. 
  • Can Javier Milei really go after the Argentinian central bank? Skot breaks down the odds that he can deliver on his intentions to close the central bank entirely.
  • Find out what departments Milei was able to cut immediately – you won’t believe some of the “Ministries” that the Argentine government was funding!
  • Hear Skot break down the challenges Milei faces from within his own government – and why it’s not inconceivable that he could even be impeached. 
  • Would I recommend Argentina as a Plan-B location due to Milei’s Presidency? Hear what I’m telling my clients who have been asking me about it. 
  • Should people be concerned that Milei has spoken at the World Economic Forum? Skot and I discuss the circumstances and content of his WEF speeches.
  • An Argentinian alliance with NATO? Skot and I look beyond the headlines to decipher what this really means.



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It was great speaking to Skot and learning about Javier Milei from someone who had followed his work since well before he skyrocketed to the peak of Argentinian politics. While I have reservations about Argentina as a Plan-B recommendation, I can’t deny that the political situation is an interesting one, and it will certainly be a country to keep an eye on as the political situation unfolds. 

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  1. Harry De Roo on 06/29/2024 at 6:36 PM

    Thanks for sharing. It was interesting podcast about Argentina.

    • Mikkel Thorup on 07/01/2024 at 9:17 AM

      Thanks Harry!

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