231: The Hidden Tax Oasis: Jim Baker Reveals America’s Secret

The USA Is The Largest Tax Haven In The World - Jim Baker

James Baker is a Certified Public Accountant and international tax expert. He helps expats and foreign nationals grow their businesses and protect their wealth with custom tax planning strategies tailored for US expats and foreign nationals alike.    TODAY’S CONVERSATION WITH JAMES, Listen in to hear James talk about helping non-residents use US companies and…

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173: Escaping The Matrix – Mikkel Thorup on About Abroad

Mikkel Thorup Interviewed by Chase Warrington

Today you will hear my recent interview with my friend Chase Warrington on his podcast called About Abroad. I really loved this episode because we talked about some important things, like travel, mindset, taxes, citizenship, 2nd residencies, my school, and so many other things. Back in 2021, Chase Warrington was on my podcast, episode 157,…

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110: How To Move To Ecuador Complete Master Class – Marcos Chiluisa

Marcos Chiluisa interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Marcos Chiluisa, a business development advisor, licensed attorney and founder of EcuaAssist in Ecuador. His legal practice focuses on Real Estate, Corporate, Labor, Administrative, and Immigration counselling. EcuaAssist is a bilingual consulting company focused on the needs of Expats in Ecuador, whether they are just arriving or already…

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