188: Deep Dive On Privacy Coins And How To Stay Anonymous – Tobias Ruck

Tobias Ruck interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Tobias Ruck. Developer, entrepreneur and traveller. He founded be.cash, a company spearheading crypto NFC payments, and Lotus, a cryptocurrency based on eCash that focuses on stability, scalability and human flourishing. Currently, he’s working on Stamp, an end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer messenger and privacy wallet. Today we are going to be discussing privacy coins, crypto tokens and the dreaded CBDC that is going to be pushed on all of us. 



  • Tobias is working on a new product that will totally change the way privacy is looked at on the blockchain. You won’t want to miss this amazing episode.
  • Tumbling coins…is this a good idea? Or not?
  • Is it possible to retain privacy on Bitcoin and if so, what are the protocols to make that happen.
  • Monero…Zcash…how do they work? And why do we need something else if these coins are already doing their job?
  • What happens when you leak your KYC data and what can go wrong when it does
  • CBDC…what are they, how do they work and why should you even care?
  • Tobias explains one way the government will get CBDC into the market. There are only 3 ways… listen in to hear which one they have chosen and why.
  • Project Hamilton, CBDC and stimulus checks…what do these have in common? And why you MUST pay attention.
  • Best tools to use and which ones Tobias is a huge fan of, I know you’ll benefit from this.
  • Users of crypto are worried about safety, Tobias breaks down how to make it safer.



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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TobiasRuck





What a great conversation I had with Tobias today. He’s very very knowledgeable about all things crypto, from both the user and the developer side.

Make sure you listen to this episode, I know you’ll learn a ton, as I did… the education with crypto never seems to end.


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