191: Is Asynchronous Remote Work The Secret To Your Freedom? – Liam Martin

Liam Martin interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Liam Martin, a serial entrepreneur who runs Time Doctor and Staff.com – one of the most popular time tracking and productivity software platforms in use by top brands today. He is also a co-organizer of the world’s largest remote work conference – Running Remote.



  • How Covid changed the world for remote workers and the companies who employ them. 
  • Liam and I discuss the biggest transition in work since the Industrial Revolution and what the future might hold.
  • Top 5 reasons why implementing an asynchronous organization will drastically improve your chances of surviving with remote workers going forward.
  • The #1 most important organizational skill for remote teams to make your company successful. 
  • How building methodologies and systems in order to be able to account for everyone, regardless of time zones, is the way of the future.
  • The most efficient companies worldwide that use asynchronous models for their business processes. 
  • Best reasons why employees are happy to go to work and why those employees stay at the job they are at, longer than most.
  • Top tools in the toolbox that have really helped companies with remote workers.
  • How to effectively and efficiently scale your business faster than you thought possible and free yourself from the drudgery of synchronous communication.
  • If you’ve gotten a taste for remote work over the past two years, or your business is employing more and more remote workers, then this is the episode for you.



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I’m still not sure about radical transparency, somehow I don’t think my clients would like that lol! Everything else I love! This conversation with Liam today can and will make a difference in your productivity as a business, now and well into the future.


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