186: Rising Against the Machine: Hrvoje Morić’s Battle with Technocracy

Fighting Back Against The Technocrats - Hrvoje Morić

Hrvoje Morić is the host and producer of The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast and hails from the United States. He was bred between the two worlds of America and his ethnic homeland of Yugoslavia/Croatia, moving back and forth between the two countries. He is also a naturalized Mexican, fluent in English, Croato-Serbian and Spanish, and truly a proud citizen of all three nations!

My conversation today with Hrvoje was not the usual happy-go-lucky fun podcast. Today, we talked in-depth about some real-life issues that are important for everyone to listen to and take notes Please don’t miss this really important episode.



  • Hrvoje talks about why he believes Covid 1984 began, and what the reasons are… this is truly insightful.
  • The top 5 really important points to ensure your freedom in the coming years. I don’t think people truly understand the severity of what has gone down the past two years…
  • We talk freely about which countries over the past two years have handled Covid 1984 and the mask mandates best and worst.
  • What are people just not talking about and should… you will be amazed.
  • If you are not prepared for what is coming, what is about to happen, then listen as Hrvoje and I discuss it…
  • If you are scratching your head, trying to figure out what people are doing, and not being prepared, you’ll love this episode.
  • If you don’t know much about the CBDC, Hrvoje and I talk about it…this is really worth listening to. So much so that I will do a complete episode just on this topic.
  • Listen in to the debate whether crypto is for real or not… you be the judge, both sides have some really compelling arguments.
  • What do you believe has happened these past 2 years? Are you in or are you out? Hrvoje and I have a nice little debate…what side of the fence will you fall on? 
  • What you need to own come the future… you won’t believe it! And what not to own, I never actually gave this much thought, I will now for sure.
  • We talk about the globalists, the technocrats, do you think they’ve overplayed their hand? Do you think that things are going to get better or are we all screwed? 
  • We have to fight the good fight and do what honest people do. Injustice against evil, don’t sit down and let it come and hit you.



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Geopolitics and Empire



Well, I wouldn’t say this was the happiest episode we’ve ever done on Expat Money Show. Nonetheless, I absolutely love Hrvoje’s podcast, Geopolitics & Empire, and will continue to consume it for a long time. I know you’ll really get great value from this episode. Enjoy!

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