302: Social Media In The Age Of Technocracy – Wilfried Ligthart

Social Media In The Age of Technocracy - Wilfried Ligthart

How can you get your message out in the Age of Technocracy?

Today’s guest, Wilfried Ligthart is a renowned Digital Blacksmith with a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape. He specializes in driving external traffic, developing engaging online communities, and converting digital audiences into profitable customers. 

As we discuss in today’s episode, Wilfried has many insights into providing value in the digital age while focusing on protecting consumer data against Big Tech companies.



  • Learn why Wilfried views digital marketing like trying to get past the bouncers at a nightclub.  
  • “The best things in life are free,” as they say; discover why this slogan applies to Internet traffic. 
  • How can we protect against the proliferation of fake, AI-generated content? Can we prevent the Deep Fakes from crowding out content with real, genuine value?
  • Discover the frightening effects of “algorithmic decision-making” – are the decisions you make online really your own?
  • Wilfried and I discuss how social engineering programs pushing “equality, diversity, inclusion, etc.” have the opposite effect and have increased division in our society.
  • Hear Wilfried’s suggestions for people who want to be honest and true to themselves but at the same time don’t want to be de-platformed for spreading their views.
  • Uncover the insidious manner in which European countries incentivize the “voluntary” adoption of digital IDs.
  • Could Joe Biden be a deep fake? We only half-jokingly discuss the possibility of the sitting U.S. President being AI-generated.


Email: wilfried@digitalblacksmiths.io

For your digital marketing needs, reach out to Digital Blacksmiths.



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It was so fun to have Wilfried on the show after working with him professionally and becoming good friends over the last few years. Wilfried is not only one of the world’s foremost experts in digital marketing but also, as you can tell from our conversation, certainly shares the values we embody here at Expat Money. 

Each of us has to find the right balance between utilizing Big Tech’s tools for our personal and professional needs and avoiding the insidious traps set by technocrats. 

As discussed in the episode, this podcast remains very difficult to censor, so we can speak openly here (but for obvious reasons, you won’t find today’s conversation on YouTube).

I’ll see you next Wednesday for another episode of the Expat Money Show.

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