286: Untracked: The Role of Freedom Tech In Personal Security – Seth For Privacy

Untracked: The Role of Freedom Tech In Personal Security - Seth For Privacy

Seth for Privacy is a freedom maximalist and privacy advocate. He is the head of strategy and content for “Foundation Devices,” which builds Bitcoin-centric tools that empower you to reclaim your freedom. He also serves as the editor for Freedom Tech, a global hub championing Bitcoin builders, open-source developers, educators and privacy tech pioneers. 

Seth and I have a great discussion about the various freedom technologies available to increase your privacy. Enjoy!



  • Listen in to find out how Seth first took an interest in privacy issues while working for a cybersecurity firm when he realized the technology he was working on could be used to oppress humans.
  • Hear how Seth started writing and podcasting about freedom issues in order to right some of the wrongs he had contributed to in his career.  
  • Learn why Seth believes that free and open-source privacy tools are vital in protecting one’s privacy from both government and corporate spying. 
  • Find out why Seth believes Bitcoin to be a core technology when it comes to privacy and security but why Bitcoin alone is not enough. 
  • Hear Seth and I discuss the importance of self-custody when it comes to Bitcoin to fully utilize it as “Freedom Money.”
  • Listen to Seth unveil some of the easiest “levers” people can enact right away to increase their own privacy.
  • Learn why Seth is opposed to “privacy maximalism.” Just as I say, there is no “Shangri-La” perfect country out there; the same holds true for privacy technology.
  • Find out what Seth thinks of the popular privacy-centric messaging apps like Telegram, Signal and Simplex – are some better than others?
  • Hear Seth explain the importance of an “always-on” VPN – a simple tool that, while sometimes creating a minor inconvenience on some websites, presents a huge privacy upgrade.
  • Seth and I discuss our philosophy on how to decide when trade-offs in privacy are worth the gain in productivity or security.



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Email: seth@foundationdevices.com

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It was great talking to Seth about the various technologies available to enhance your privacy in today’s digital age. Just as there is no “Shangri-La” perfect libertarian country out there, similarly, there is no perfect technology. Ultimately, the decisions you make in regard to how much privacy you are willing to give up in order to make your life or work more convenient. 

I have to make these decisions every day in my business, and the answers will look different for everyone. Hopefully, today’s discussion with Seth will continue to broaden your knowledge of the types of technologies available – and the rest is up to you!

See you all next Wednesday for another Expat Money Show.

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