292: From IRA to International: Investing In Foreign Real Estate With SDIRAs

Are you an American with an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) loaded with mutual funds, investing in the incredibly shaky foundation of the U.S. stock market? Today’s episode is just for you.

This week, I am going to share a recent webinar I held where I invited our new partner, Matt Calhoun from Equity Trust, to discuss how to take control of your retirement with a self-directed IRA and share strategies for using one to invest in foreign real estate. This really is a can’t-miss for my American friends.



  • Tune in to meet Matt, who was referred to me by a trusted real estate partner as the “best in the business” when it comes to understanding American retirement accounts and foreign real estate. 
  • Discover how Matt first became interested in the niche area of self-directed IRAs after previously being involved with more conventional mutual funds.
  • Learn how a self-directed IRA is unique from most in that you can direct and manage your own portfolio, including the type of assets you invest in. 
  • Uncover the wide variety of assets that you can own using self-directed IRAs, from precious metals to cryptocurrency to international real estate.
  • Do you already have an account that can fund a self-directed IRA without your realizing it? Find out the most common ways to fund self-directed IRAs. 
  • Learn the differences between a “traditional IRA” and a “Roth” IRA – and the tax implications of each. This knowledge is absolutely crucial for understanding how to use these types of accounts to your benefit properly.
  • Discover the very few types of assets that retirement accounts are prohibited from managing. Cross these off your list of investment ideas for IRAs. 
  • Hear about the most common mistakes people make using self-directed IRAs so that you don’t make them yourself!
  • By the end of this episode, you will know everything you need to know about using your retirement account to purchase international real estate and protecting yourself from a coming stock market crash. 



Contact our partner Matt by email at m.calhoun@trustetc.com to fill out an application and start taking control of your retirement today. Tell him Mikkel Thorup sent you, and he’ll get you started right away. 



If you missed this one a few weeks ago, save yourself the trouble next time by bookmarking and frequently checking back at our webinar page.



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I am always harping on the fact that the stock market is about the most dangerous place you can have your money right now, so much so that I have nearly divested myself of stocks completely as the world continues to move away from the dollar and the U.S. economy rests on shaky ground. It’s crucial to act now to protect your wealth with overseas investments. 

While this episode won’t necessarily apply to my many listeners from Canada, Australia, Europe and all around the world, stay tuned because we are actively working to put together information about how to utilize retirement accounts from other countries as well. But I’ve had so many American friends and clients asking me about this that I just had to share it, as there are just too many great opportunities out there not to take advantage of if you have the means.

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