242: Navigating De-Dollarization: The Emergence of a BRICS Commodity-Backed Currency

Mikkel Thorup on De-Dollarization and a BRICS Reserve Currency on the Expat Money Show

In today’s episode, I am going to share a portion of this past weekend’s workshop on Brazil, in which I gave a presentation about the de-dollarisation that is happening in the world and what we’re going to see with either a new reserve currency or a second reserve currency in the world.

This is an extremely important topic that is going to affect everyone’s investments, and no “Plan B” is complete without factoring in what is going to occur with reserve currencies over the coming years. Enjoy!



  • I break down why many nations are currently fleeing the dollar, paving the way for new potential reserve currencies.
  • Tune in as I go through a number of headlines from around the world highlighting the steps many countries are taking towards de-dollarization.
  • I lay out which countries I believe will join up with the BRICS countries, including a few that may surprise you. 
  • I dig further into the prospects of a BRICS reserve currency, and just what it might be backed by.
  • Listen as I explain how this de-dollarization movement might not only threaten the U.S. dollar but the very use of fiat currencies in the global economy.
  • I further look at the sheer vastness of the BRICS countries in terms of sheer size, population and resources. It’s truly mindblowing to think of the potential of their combined power. 
  • I address the biggest question my audience will be asking: so how do we play this? What can we do to profit off of what is to come?
  • Aside from the question of which commodities to play, I also look further at the pros and cons of each of the BRICS nations themselves. 
  • Lastly, I answer the question on everyone’s mind “What am I doing with all of this information?” I offer a glimpse into my financial strategy going forward as it pertains to de-dollarization and the BRICS nations.



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I hope you enjoyed this taste of the workshop from this past weekend. I am constantly trying to increase my listeners’ knowledge and understanding of the most important emerging economic issues and opportunities out there, and Brazil stands out to me as having some of the most potential of any nation across the globe.

See you all next Wednesday on the podcast!

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