268: Expat Insights: Reflections from Our Recent Trip to Azerbaijan

Expat Money Show Episode 268: Azerbaijan Trip Report

Today I bring you the final part of my four-part series discussing my experience travelling in each of the four countries I visited on my recent trip. In previous episodes, I discussed Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. Be sure to check those out if you missed them.

This week, I’ll talk a bit about my time spent on the last leg of my trip in Azerbaijan. How did it compare to my experiences in Georgia, Turkey and Armenia? Which, in the end, has the most potential for expats? 



  • Tune in to hear how our initial impression of Azerbaijan of feeling like we were back in our old home of the UAE was quickly turned on its head once we arrived in Baku.
  • Listen to me break down how Azerbaijan is like a weird mix of several countries I’ve been to before, with minimal feeling of a culture of its’ own.
  • You’ll be shocked to hear how much of life in Azerbaijan is controlled by the government, and you can imagine how I felt about that. 
  • I describe the F1 race track that runs through the city streets of Baku, which has quite literally shaped the city.
  • Listen to my absolute indignation at our visit to what I called the “Museum of Propaganda” in Baku. 
  • Hear me describe the stark contrast between the feeling in the countryside vs the big city once we got out of Baku.
  • I explain how – much like in Armenia – the people of this country are deeply scarred by the conflicts with its neighbour. 
  • Listen to the story of our simply unbelievable cab driver, quite possibly the most incredible driver I’ve ever had. I can’t stop thinking about this!
  • Hear me break down Armenia’s truly horrendous response during the COVID hysteria. This is about as anti-liberty as it gets. 
  • Tune in for my final assessment of Azerbaijan and the three other nations I visited on this trip. Which has the best overall potential for expats?


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That’s it for my report on Azerbaijan, and that wraps my four-part series breaking down my trip, which included Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. Azerbaijan is a country that doesn’t get a ton of attention from expats – and for understandable reasons. But I always make a point to do my due diligence on the ground so I can speak real-world experience when informing my audience and client about their options for seeking more freedom in the world. 

Remember, there’s no “Shangri-La,” perfect libertarian country out there. It’s about finding the right balance that’s best for your own personal situation, and it’s my sincere hope that in-depth reports like the ones you’ve heard over the last month provide insights that you’ll never get from a tourist guidebook or a government website. 

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