251: Staying Sane: Expats’ Guide to Turbulent Homelands – Antony Sammeroff

Antony Sammeroff interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show Podcast

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Antony Sammeroff. Antony is a psychotherapist, economics journalist, the author of Universal Basic Income – For and Against, and the upcoming book Pharma Lie, People Die.

Originally from Scotland, he has spent the past several years since the onset of the UK’s COVId policies living outside the country as a digital nomad in places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey and most recently, India.



  • Antony and I discuss the nature of remote work and why Antony had already begun moving his work primarily online even before COVID policies shut the world down.
  • Hear Antony describe the onset of the absurd COVID policies in his home country of Scotland and how that propelled him to take his business fully remote and to search for more sane parts of the world to reside in.
  • Antony points out an interesting side benefit of the COVID travel restrictions – spending time in a place previously hadn’t planned to – in this case, Mexico.
  • Hear Antony describe how the “COVID years” altered people’s sense of what they are allowed to say and has caused many to self-censor with friends, family and the workplace. 
  • Antony describes the push for “subjectivity” within his education and profession, which is often a cover for leftist bias within institutions. 
  • We discuss what it is like to hold “radical” (sane) positions in today’s post-COVID clown world and how Antony helps people in his practice deal with this feeling of friends, family and institutions acting like they are the crazy ones. 
  • Antony and I discuss the concept of natural law and why so many libertarians were able to see through much of the BS of the last several years due to their ability to filter things through the natural law model.
  • Hear Anthony’s opinion on “conspiracy theories” and mental health after a member of our Expat Money Forum on Facebook questioned my own mental health due to my emails criticizing the World Economic Forum. Does Antony think I’m nuts? You’ll have to listen to find out!


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Email: antony@beyourselfandloveit.com



It was great connecting with Antony and learning about how he has helped others cope with this crazy post-COVID clown world we’ve been living in and how he himself coped by leaving his own country and becoming a digital nomad. This conversation was even a bit therapeutic for me – it’s always nice speaking with someone with a similar view of ethics and natural law.  

Antony is a fantastic example of someone who saw greener pastures elsewhere and didn’t hesitate to take life into his own hands and explore them. 

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