243: Investing in Paradise: How to Secure 12% Net Returns with Brazilian Beach Properties

Mikkel Thorup Presents: Brazil Real Estate Investments

In today’s episode, I will share part two of my recent webinar on Brazilian real estate. I had so many people who were interested in this concept that they wanted to hear the rest of the presentation. So today, I’m going to share a special bonus episode in which I’m actually going to release my business partner John’s presentation, and what he will be talking about is beachfront real estate in Brazil with 12% returns.

As I discussed in part one last week, I believe Brazil presents the greatest opportunity among the BRICS countries to benefit from the coming de-dollarization. Enjoy this presentation in which you’ll learn more about the nuts and bolts of acquiring Brazilian real estate.



  • Listen in as John explains why when it comes to real estate, he advises not thinking outside the box but thinking outside the country.
  • John reveals his not-so-subtle secret to buying international real estate by following one simple rule.
  • Can you really own beachfront property for under $100,000? John breaks down how it’s possible.
  • Find out how you can use this strategy to “supercharge” your retirement portfolio.
  • Learn the secrets of why Brazil is literally a buyer’s market right now.
  • John and his daughter Morgan address the most common question they get about Brazil: “Is it a safe place to go?”
  • Rio and Sao Paulo get all the love, but wait until you hear about this incredible tourist location in Brazil that you’ve probably never heard of!
  • What is the secret to earning consistent rental income? John unveils the key metric he uses to determine where to buy.
  • John and Morgan address another common first-world question: “What do I do without Walmart and Costco?”
  • Learn how you could lead a world-class lifestyle in Brazil for a fraction of the money it would cost elsewhere.
  • John walks you through the concept of “ownership timing” – when is the best time to park your money in a real estate project?
  • Find out a little-known secret to how you can earn rental income tax-free – you read that right!
  • Tune in to hear a special offer just for Expat Money Show listeners – this is almost too good to be true (but it is!)



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Are you among the many whose dreams of owning beachfront property in the US have been shattered? The opportunities are still there if you look outside the US.

As John and I have explained over the last two episodes, Brazil represents a potential golden opportunity to add a solid income stream to your portfolio while capitalizing on the global de-dollarization trend. 

I hope you find this information valuable, and if you’re interested in learning more, please do reach out to us at expat@BeachfrontOffers.com.

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