153: Creating A Support Network For The Worlds Poorest – Gret Glyer

Gret Glyer interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Gret Glyer is the founder of DonorSee, a support network for the world’s poorest. Their Mission is to become the world’s fastest-growing charity platform and usher in a new age of global charity by raising the industry’s standards for transparency, immediacy, and innovation.



  • Exactly how to make a difference in the life of an infant child, a widow or an orphaned child….and how to help them possibly provide for themselves for a lifetime!
  • Who really benefits from donating as little as $10 a month to people from the poorest country on the planet?
  • Why it’s essentially impossible for people from developing countries like Malawi to get themselves out of poverty with the system we have without some help from outside sources
  • How your donation can provide simple necessities like formula and food for a child for an entire year.
  • A common myth about why people from Africa are some of the poorest countries in the world… This is an important concept to understand when you reach into your pocket to help and why it’s so important to help.
  • How to guarantee your donation goes directly to the project that you have chosen.
  • What happens after you donate? Listen in as Gret explains what the protocol is and how your money will be spent.
  • This is tax-deductible — I would much rather see my subscribers voluntarily giving money to help families in need instead of it being wasted on taxes.



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What a heart-wrenching conversation with Gret Glyer. Listening to his stories of living in the poorest country in the world for three years led to the founding of DonorSee.

Gret believes relationships are the heartbeat of effective charity. His platform enables donors to donate directly to people in need and see the impact of their gifts with a video update on every donation.

I would like to encourage you to donate; even just a small amount will make a big impact. You’ll understand my urgency once you’ve listened to Gret’s story of living overseas and how important DonorSee is.

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