056: Gregory Diehl – Independently Publishing Books That Matter

Gregory Diehl interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with an independent publisher? Here are some of the ideas we talk about in this interview with Gregory Diehl.


  • Is it difficult
  • What do they require
  • What if I have something to say but don’t know how to put in down on paper
  • Where do I begin..and end?
  • And everything in between


Interview with Gregory Diehl

In this interview with Gregory Diehl, we talk in-depth about his own writings. The books he has self-published and what he has learned along the way. Gregory Diehl has certain things he wants to teach you, the budding author like how to work with an independent publisher. Also in this interview with Gregory Diehl, we discuss how important writing a book can be for your future as an entrepreneur. What it can do for your branding and your authority.


How Can I Write and Publish A Book

In this interview with Gregory Diehl, we talk a lot, and I mean a lot about how to write and publish a book. What is needed, what is not important and if you’re cut out to write and publish a book.

I know that for many of you listening to our podcast, you’ve always wanted to write and publish a book. You have so many great ideas, and you’re sure that if you could put it on paper, someone would buy.

And I can only assume that for many of you that can come true. But where do you start? What do you need to do? What is a waste of time? In this interview with Gregory Diehl and Mikkel Thorup, all of that is covered and more.


Are book Reviews Important

What a great question Mikkel Thorup asks Gregory Diehl. Are book reviews important? and why? Why is it so important to get book reviews especially as a new author. You may ask ‘are they difficult to do’ or ‘do they take a lot of time’? Gregory explains it all, so don’t miss this amazing episode.

Mikkel talks about his experience with book reviews and why he believes they are so darn important. He tells us that when he wrote and published his new book Expat Secrets that he sent copies to some of his most trusted mentors and asked them for an honest review to be published on Amazon.


How Can Travel Change Your Life

Then, as this interview with Gregory Diehl starts to unwind, they discuss Mikkel Thorup’s favourite subject…travel, and how travel can change your life. Gregory is 30 years old and has visited 56 countries, which is unbelievable. Mikkel has been to more than 100 so they had so much to discuss. They discuss how it has shaped their lives in such a good way. Travel is not always about just the positive aspects but also about the negative things that can happen while you are away from your home country. The language barrier, the food differences, the water…the list is quite extensive.

Don’t miss this interview with Gregory Diehl. He has some fascinating stories to tell and I know you’ll be genuinely interested in hearing them all.


How to reach Gregory Diehl



Facebook: Gregory V Diehl

Pick up Gregory Diehl’s newest book: The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter


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