046: Edmund John – KYC Chain A New Blockchain Technology From The Founder Of Flag Theory

Edmund John From Flag Theory has embarked on a new platform and in this episode, Mikkel Thorup delves deep into what is KYC & AML and how KYC Chain is using blockchain technology to solve problems they face. We then give an in-depth review of Flag Theory and explain what is Flag Theory.


What is Flag Theory – A Review of Flag Theory

Some of you may be asking ‘what is Flag Theory’? Here is a review of Flag Theory. It was created about 50 years ago and it started with 5 flags:

Edmund John from Flag Theory has added 2 more:

Listen in to the episode now as we review Flag Theory and how all 7 Flags work to give you more control over your life.


What is KYC & AML

Edmund John From Flag Theory explains KYC: Know Your Customer & AML: Anti Money Laundering.

For decades there has been an issue with collecting personal data and how it is stored, and most important: can it be hacked. Often times as Expats we need KYC & AML for a host of different reasons, including; sending funds abroad, buying real estate or investments and getting residency or second citizenship in a new country.

If a person with malicious intent intercepts this KYC & AML pack and it contains your passport copy, utility bills, birth record, SIN or Personal Identity Number, bank account details and a host of other things they really can take control of your life…


How KYC Chain Is Using Blockchain Technology To Solve Problems

Edmund John from Flag Theory talks about Selfkey, A Self-Sovereign Identity system that empowers individuals to find more Freedom and Privacy through the full ownership of their digital identity.

And Edmund John from Flag Theory founded KYC Chain a blockchain based technology that is solving problems (explained above) by securing your sensitive data, removing redundancies making for a more user-friendly and secure environment. To learn more, you’ll want to listen to the entire episode!


Covered in this episode with Edmund John from Flag Theory:

  • Visa-Free Travel
  • Strong passports
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Review of Flag Theory
  • Expat Communities


Where to reach Edmund John from Flag Theory




Final Thoughts

Super interesting conversation with Edmund John from Flag Theory. We broke down, what is Flag Theory? We then had a review of Flag Theory and really talked about each flag specifically. But we had to start at the beginning and talked about what is KYC & AML, topics that are a must for those that are concerned about how your own country is dealing with their economy.


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