201: Sustainable Living: How Agroforestry Investment Secures Residency

Investing in Agroforestry for Residency

Today on the Expat Money Show we’re going to republish a webinar presentation that I did a few days ago with my friends Ally and Patrick from EcoVillages. It was an awesome presentation, and we had literally hundreds of people on the line.

I also know that there are thousands of people who listen to the podcast from every corner of planet earth, many from different time zones, who were not able to watch the webinar live, so by republishing it this way, everyone from around the globe can listen to this presentation.

It is worth mentioning that Patrick made a special offer in the presentation which was set to expire a few days ago. I twisted his arm to get him to extend it by a week to Aug 22, 2022. This should give everyone a chance to listen to the presentation and be able to email him if you are interested.

His team can be reached at expat@EcoVillages.life



  • I’m going to spoil the surprise a little bit, but Patrick made a very, very generous offer on this presentation… make sure you listen to find out what it was!
  • This surprise had a set date of the 15th of this month, which just passed. I had dinner with him the other night, and I got him to agree to move that date just by a few days. Don’t miss your chance!
  • What is ‘Agroforestry’ anyways? And what is the concept behind agroforestry? Before you can make a good decision, you really have to understand these concepts!
  • We’re going to talk about a ton of really valuable things regarding this unique investment. Get your pen and paper ready!
  • So if you guys want more information about all of this, especially after you listen to the episode, then you can send Patrick and Ally an email. I’ll give you the address in the podcast, keep an ear open for it.
  • I’ve done this process myself, I know what you can expect is going to happen, so there’s no better place to hear this information than from todays podcast episode.
  • Top 3 reasons why having a second residence is so important and what can happen when that’s not in place.
  • We’re going to be talking about how you can get a 2nd or 3rd residency in a new country, specifically residency through investment using agroforestry. We’re going to be talking about what that entails, the immigration process, and how it is all viewed. 
  • We’re going to have a big Q&A at the end of this session, so it’s vitally important to listen to the entire podcast so that all of your questions are answered. You won’t want to miss that.



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This was an amazing presentation by Patrick Hiebert and Ally Rodriguez from Eco Villages. This is probably the fastest and easiest way to get a second or third residency in the world. The cost is reasonable, and the time to obtain it is also really reasonable.

This podcast is very time sensitive. You have seven days from today to put your hand up and say ‘yes, this investment is for me’. Don’t miss out. 

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