281: Plan-B Insights: Evaluating Hungary’s Residency Potential – Laszlo Kiss

Plan B Insights: Evaluating Hungary's Residency Potential - Laszlo Kiss

I invited Laszlo back to the show to discuss the various new immigration programs that have recently come out of his home country of Hungary. Who better than a Hungarian to help break it all down?

Today’s guest is Laszlo Kiss, who is making his return to the Expat Money Show after first appearing way back on episode 99. He has more than 30 years of experience in the offshore space since his first citizenship sale in 1997. Laszlo is a personal friend of mine and has been a mentor to me for a number of years.



  • Listen to hear why, despite conducting his business in the expat world, Laszlo has decided to remain in his home country of Hungary. 
  • Find out how the interesting influx into Hungary of students from both Iran and Israel are getting along together.
  • Hear why Hungary has had to become more strict in recent years when it comes to its immigration policies.
  • Learn the details of the different investment options available to pursue Hungarian residency.
  • Listen to Laszlo and I break down the important distinction between having a residency in Europe vs. citizenship in regards to which countries you can actually live in. 
  • Hear the fascinating story about the Hungarian man who acquired five different citizenships – without even leaving his village!
  • What’s it like living next door to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine? Laszlo delivers his account from the ground.
  • Listen to Laszlo’s first-hand breakdown of everything you need to know about life in Hungary, from safety to health care to cost of living and, of course, the food (always important to me!)



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I have known Lazslo for many years, and I always have a blast talking to him. Hungary is a country many don’t often think about when it comes to an expat Plan B, but it certainly has a number of interesting advantages worth exploring. 

As always, I try to provide as complete a picture as possible when breaking down a country, and there is quite literally no better expert in the world when it comes to gaining residency and citizenship in Hungary than Laszlo Kiss. If you’re interested in pursuing Hungarian residency or citizenship, do not hesitate to contact him at expat@discussholdings.com.

See you all next Wednesday!

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