260: Living Unbound: Laurence Easeman’s Strategies for Self-Sovereignty

Expat Money Episode 260: Zen and the Art of Individual Sovereignty with Laurence Easeman

Today’s guest is Laurence Easeman, a filmmaker and host of the “Eyes Wide Open” podcast. His mission is to empower others to know their rights, break free from the system, and recognize the importance of personal autonomy and agency.

He spends his time between the UK and Portugal, where he is pursuing residency.



  • Listen as Laurence recounts his fateful trip up a mountain that changed his life and led to him pivoting away from filmmaking into becoming a full-time advocate for personal sovereignty. 
  • Hear how the onset of the COVID regime shut down Laurence’s business in the UK and triggered him back into full-time activism and his current efforts on the “Eyes Wide Open” podcast.
  • We discuss the concept of activism – how it can make you a “moving target” like Laurence and why I do not consider myself an activist. 
  • Find out why Laurence has embarked on his own expat journey and is currently pursuing residency in Portugal.
  • Listen in to hear how Portugal got put on the “red list” by the UK, banning its citizens from travelling there for not initially fully going along with the COVID narrative. 
  • Hear Laurence break down how the powers that be utilize their illusion of authority to manufacture consent for tyrannical measures. 
  • Laurence and I talk about the dark side of technology and why we both find value in places that are somewhat “backward in time” with their technological systems. 
  • We discuss the absolute flood of Canadians fleeing during the last few years of the Trudeau regime, reflected in the fact that Canadians are now taking up the majority of my private clients. 
  • Lastly, Laurence and I share in our passion for using homeschooling as a strategy to shield our children from psyops while depriving the state of its essential workers. 



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I had a blast speaking to a kindred spirit in Laurence Easeman, who shares my passion for individual liberty and personal responsibility. It’s no wonder he is climbing so quickly in the podcast world, as his insights and understanding of the systems of control in place – and, more importantly, how to deal with them – are second to none.

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