244: Brazil Real Estate Deep Dive: Expert Q&A on Profitable Investments

Mikkel Thorup presents a Q&A on Brazil Real Estate Investments

In today’s episode, I will share a third and final portion of my recent webinar on Brazilian real estate featuring our question and answer section. I’ve received such a great response and questions from listeners interested in this opportunity over the last few days, so I figured I would go ahead and share our Q&A section. 

As I discussed in part one, I believe Brazil presents the greatest opportunity among the BRICS countries to benefit from the coming de-dollarization. After John broke down the incredible opportunities to acquire Brazilian beachfront real estate with 12% net returns this past Monday in part two, today’s episode should clear up any lingering questions you might have. Enjoy!



  • Listen in as John and I address the question of the language difference in Brazil. Can you get by with English or even Spanish, or do you need proficiency in Portuguese?
  • We address what the medical system is like in Fortaleza and how the private medical system is very affordable. 
  • Brazilian native Bruno gives his insights on all of the great activities available to do in this region of Brazil. You will never get bored here!
  • Bruno also further explains the details of the rental program, including addressing the owner’s personal use of the property. 
  • I detail how we’ve set things up so you can get Brazilian residency by purchasing just two of these investment properties. Not a bad bonus!
  • John breaks down why one-bedroom villas are the real “workhorses” for these investment properties.
  • I explain why keeping your money in real estate right now is much safer than in the stock market or fiat currencies.
  • We address the question on everyone’s mind – when will these units be delivered? You’ll see why you must act now to lock in these prices while they are in pre-construction.



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If you’ve followed along this past week, you know how high I am on Brazil, especially this incredible Brazilian beachfront investment opportunity from my friend John Palumbo. As John, Bruno and I have explained over the last three episodes, these investments represent a potential golden opportunity to add a reliable passive income stream to your portfolio in a time of increasing global uncertainty.

I hope you find this information valuable, and if you’re interested in learning more, please do reach out to us at expat@BeachfrontOffers.com.

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