234: Your Mexican Dream: Insights from My Latest Book on Moving

Expats Guide On Moving To Mexico

Today on the Expat Money Show I am going to do a “freedom read”, a concept inspired by my friend Kevin Koskella on his Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, where he would read sections of prominent freedom books which I thought was such a cool idea. So today I am going to be reading the first few chapters from my recently published book, the Expats Guide on Moving to Mexico.

We haven’t even done an official launch of this book yet, so we need to help people realize it’s out there. In today’s reading, you’ll learn much of the basics of why so many expats have been moving to the beautiful country of Mexico.


The Expats Guide on Moving to Mexico

  • The Expats Guide on Moving to Mexico is a comprehensive A to Z guide through everything you need to know about Mexico and the processes behind moving there or setting up a Plan B residency in the country.
  • Getting a residency in Mexico is not that complicated or expensive. So don’t fear; in my new book, I go into detail about what the process is like and how you can do it yourself.
  • I explain my first task as the author of this book – to discuss mindset. Are you ready for a change, and how will you accomplish it?
  • My goal is to present the full reality of Mexico to the fullest extent of my ability – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • I address some of the biggest fears many have of becoming an expat. Are any of these holding you back?
  • I outline some of the reasons Mexico can provide an excellent quality of life, including some advantages you might not expect.
  • I discuss who this book is NOT for. Yes, it won’t be for everyone.
  • I lay out the major differences between living in Mexico vs. living in places like the USA, Canada and Europe.



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Get your own copy of the Expats Guide on Moving to Mexico and after you read the book, do us a HUGE favour and leave us a great review on Amazon! This is a huge help in getting the book in front of more people.



I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and I really do hope you enjoy the brand-new book.

After reading this book, you will have a thorough understanding of the types of visas to be able to move to Mexico, the specific requirements to get residencies, the safest cities to live in as an expat, the cost of living, and so much more!

Even in just the chapters covered here, you’ll leave with a solid idea of everything you need to take into account to determine if Mexico is the right country for you.

Our plan, as I said in the episode, is to release a number of these, but for that to happen, I need lots of support from the community. We want to make this a number-one bestseller. We need lots of reviews out there. So pick up the book and let me know what you think. Hopefully, you get lots of value. Send me a note or put a review on Amazon. I’m going to read everything. Thanks!

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