239: Hey Mikkel, What Are You Doing?

Hey Mikkel, What Are You Doing? On the Expat Money Show podcast

Often I get asked by subscribers and clients, “Hey Mikkel, What Are You Doing?”   So I thought it would be helpful to record a quick episode on what I am doing with my own money to protect myself and my family from the financial armageddon that is on the horizon.   This episode should…

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099: How To Buy A European Passport – Laszlo Kiss

Laszlo Kiss interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Laszlo Kiss. Founder, owner and managing director of Discus Holdings Ltd., a group of companies that provides investment migration, corporate, financial and tax planning services. Discus, based in Malta and founded in 2013, has won concessions in recent years, including ones for the Hungarian residency bond program,…

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