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Sam McRoberts, with family in tow, left behind his home country of USA to travel the world and unschool his 7-year-old son.  We talk in depth about how to internationalize your life, how to protect your wealth and most importantly, how to protect your family.


About Sam McRoberts

Sam McRoberts is the successful CEO of VUDU Marketing, where he consults with medium to large size companies and influencers on SEO. They audit websites, figuring out what’s right and wrong, what needs to be fixed to increase organic traffic and helping people put together strategies so they know what to do to dominate their space.

As Sam McRoberts and his family travel the world, the most important thing he requires is a good internet connection, and from there, he can run his company. VUDU Marketing is his bread & butter, but that’s not the only company Sam operates.

Sam realized in the beginning; when he was trying to learn SEO; that no one taught it, so that became his mission, to teach other people how to get the job done easily. Sam walks us through what that looks like and how SEO works.

Screw the Zoo, Sam McRoberts book is another way he has helped to monetize his adventurous travel. Listen as everything is woven together to make life as an expat easier and for more fun!


How To Internationalize Your Life

We then delve into how to internationalize your life. Besides education, how to internationalize your life is the biggest topic we discuss here on our podcast. More and more people are compelled to learn how this is done, and how easy it can be if you follow some simple rules and talk to people that know what needs to be done before you leave your home country.

We’ve realized that to pay big corporate taxes is just not necessary anymore.  If you are traveling the world, why do you have to pay for the roads to be fixed and for schools in a neighbourhood that you no longer live in?


How To Protect Your Wealth

Once you’ve learned how to internationalize your life, it’s time to learn how to protect your wealth. You’re making big bucks so you need to protect your wealth. We chat quite a bit about this topic, because if you live in the USA or Canada, the taxes are outrageous and what’s left can be a lot less than if you know how to internationalize your life and then protect your family.


How To Protect Your Family

Sam McRoberts and Mikkel Thorup both love their family. Family first! Do you know how to protect your family? Are you interested in learning how to protect your family, and how to internationalize your life, then this episode is a must listen to.


What is Unschooling

Have you been wondering what is unschooling? Sam McRoberts gives his definition of homeschooling compared to unschooling and it’s right on the money. Mikkel and Sam spend at least 1/3 of the episode delving into education, what’s wrong with our current system and answering the question, what is unschooling?

In Ep 029: Jim Cockrum talks about what is unschooling and how happy his children are because they chose this type of education.


What Else Will You Learn From This Episode

  • What is the Schengen Area and why is it important to understand
  • Why travelling the world is so important for our survival
  • Flag Theory and what is Sam attempting to implement in his life
  • Why Flag Theory is not reserved for the ultra-wealthy or even the wealthy


2nd Passport

Another of Mikkel’s favourite topics, obtaining a 2nd Passport. A number of guests on The Expat Money Show have discussed 2nd passports. Listen to Ep 036: Jim Rogers as they discuss living and working in Singapore.


How to Reach Sam McRoberts

www.mySEOcourse.com (Listen in to learn how and why Sam created this SEO course)

twitter: @Sams_Antics 



Final Thoughts

Flag Theory, SEO, Family, and Unschooling. What an episode! I loved my hour spent with Sam McRoberts as we talk about living life as an expat entrepreneur. Travelling the world with his family and allowing his 7-year-old son to learn the education that’s ultimately what’s best for him, not an education that is instilled upon us by our government.

I hope you get as much value from this interview with Sam McRoberts as I did… and if you would like to stay up to date with all new content that comes out at The Expat Money Show make sure you sign up for our Newsletter below. Some of my best stuff comes out by email and I don’t want you to miss it!

About The Host, Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup; the host of The Expat Money Show, has 20+ years in continual travel around the world, visiting more than 100 countries including Colombia, North Korea, Zimbabwe and Iran.

His goal now is to help Expats just like you to generate additional streams of income, eliminate your tax bill, and take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again.

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