048: How To Source Products In China For Drop Shipping and FBA – Rico Ngoma

Rico Ngoma interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Rico Ngoma grew up in Canada and at a very young age realized being an expat entrepreneur was in his blood. After a trip to China and seeing the difficulty with finding how to source products in China for drop shipping and how to do business in China, Rico realized that he could assist other entrepreneurs on how to find a good manufacturer in China.


Rico Ngoma talks to us about his life since 2014 living and working in Guangzhou, China. With 24 Million people and thousands of factories, most would find it almost impossible to navigate, especially with the language barrier. China is not like most countries where English is spoken in most parts of the country. To survive in China, one must learn even the basics of Mandarin just to survive. Rico found a small expat entrepreneur community in Guangzhou, which has helped him to feel more at home.


Source Find Asia is Rico’s company. He explains to Mikkel how they are problem solvers for those that want to learn:

  • How to do business in China
  • How to source products in China for drop shipping
  • And how to find a good manufacturer in China.


Rico Explains How to do Business in China

Rico Ngoma and Mikkel Thorup chat about how to do business in China and the concept that China is a great source for drop shipping, but where do you start? who do you trust? These questions and more, from someone that knows how to source products in China for dropshipping.

Rico Ngoma tells us the difference between a Trading Company and a Factory. Rico recounts some pretty funny stories about when they first started Source Find Asia. He claims that you must be a detective to really understand how the buying works in China.


How to Find a Good Manufacturer in China

Rico Ngoma chats about how to find a good manufacturer in China and how to source products in China for drop shipping and all the pitfalls that can happen if you’re not aware of the many different areas that need to be covered when you want to learn how to source products in China for dropshipping.


Rico Ngoma’s company: Source Find Asia

  • Manufacturing Consultants
  • Introduction to Factories
  • Interpreting the language
  • Peace of Mind for Clients
  • and more!!


If becoming an expat entrepreneur is in your blood, or you want to learn how to do business in China, or how to source products in China for drop shipping listen to Ep 029: Jim Cockrum – where Jim talks about how his company does $25 Million in Sales on Amazon.


How to Reach Rico Ngoma


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Super interesting episode with Rico Ngoma. I previously understood some of the intricacies of drop shipping, but Rico really helped me to realize that what is the most important part of the process is having a company that speaks your language, that you can trust to get the job done, and having someone in your corner!

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