214: Patri Friedman’s Legal Strategies for Ultimate Freedom

Patri Friedman interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Patri Friedman is the General Partner at Pronomos Capital, the first venture fund for charter cities and network states. 

He coded at Google for ten years, has run a small angel fund since 2011, has degrees in math, CS, and business, and has been a leader in the competitive governance space for over 20 years.

Patri has board memberships and advisory positions across the charter city/network state space. He also regularly gives talks, interviews, and holds events around the world.



  • How can you stack different legal jurisdictions to maximize your freedom? 
  • What is the number one investment trend in the world that no one is talking about?
  • Which country, at the edge of the world, is truly pushing the envelope in the field of governance, and what can you do to take advantage of the situation?
  • How can looking at laws, the same way we look at software code, be the breakthrough that restores liberty to the world?
  • Where do modern flag theory and charter cities meet?
  • What are all smart, savvy investors betting on in the future?
  • Where are innovators looking to next in the world, and what can you do to get involved?



Pronomos Capital

Pronomos Capital – LinkedIn



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What an amazing conversation I had with Patri Friedman today. I learned a ton of really fascinating things about law and governance and how to build a better city or country that suits the needs of those who want to live there. I think this is such a great episode to listen to. Don’t miss this one.

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