106: How To Protect Your Wealth In Uncertain Times – Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Kirk Chisholm, Wealth Manager and Principal at Innovative Advisory Group. He has over 20 years of experience managing money for High Net Worth individuals and their families. He has successfully navigated his clients through 2 bull markets and 3 bear markets using his “risk management first” philosophy, and he is probably the only financial advisor you will ever meet who uses this advanced money management technique.

He is also the host of the Money Tree Podcast, one of the longest-running investing podcasts in the world, and I am very honoured to be able to say that I have been a guest on his podcast and it was a fantastic experience. You can listen to the episode HERE.



  • How Kirk learned risk management quickly and 1st hand as a new advisor
  • Make money when the market goes up and not lose money when the market goes down
  • What is risk management?
  • Scenario-based thinking versus outcome-based thinking
  • Asset allocation
  • Options
  • Risk allocation
  • Stop loss
  • Alternative assets
  • Gold/Silver
  • Real Estate & Cashflow
  • FANG stocks






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What a fascinating interview with Kirk Chisholm, and what a smart investor. Truly, if you’re looking for someone to manage your portfolio, I would highly recommend you reach out to Kirk today, he’s got some really brilliant ideas.


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