072: Jay Papasan – Author Of The One Thing Shares His Secrets

Jay Papasan interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Jay Papasan is a bestselling author, Vice President, and Executive Editor at Keller Williams Realty, Inc., the world’s largest real estate company and a co-owner of KellerINK, Keller Capital, and Papasan Properties Group. His most recent work with Gary Keller, The One Thing, has sold more than 1.5 million copies, been translated into 35 languages and has appeared on more than 500 national bestseller lists including #1 on The Wall Street Journal’s business list. We talk today about Your One Thing, do you know what it is?


Are you a typical entrepreneur? Do you feel compelled to do all of the jobs required to have a successful career? Have you had a bad experience with hiring an employee? Do you even know WHEN you should hire your first employee and WHERE the best place to start is?


You’re going to LOVE this episode with Jay Papasan and The One Thing!


Learn from someone that’s grown their career alongside the #1 Real Estate Firm in the USA Keller Williams Realty.  Jay Papasan started working with Gary Keller in 2000 when his taxable income was $18,000. Today, after several successful books, a thriving real estate company with his wife Wendy, and the owner of 18 homes, let’s say his income has grown exponentially.


The One Thing

In the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, Gary Keller has identified that behind every successful person is their ONE Thing.


What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?


When you know what you are saying yes to, saying no to distractions becomes much easier. It’s all about time — connect your someday to today to make stress and regrets a thing of the past.


Sometimes it’s the only thing you do. But it’s always the ONE Thing that delivers extraordinary results! These past guests are indicative of how essential knowing what you’re good at and doing it, day in and day out. They are giants in their field, working and dedicating their careers to doing The One Thing perfectly. Please listen to EP 060: Doug Casey  EP 041: Oren Klaff,   EP 036: Jim Rogers and EP 029: Jim Cockrum ~ you can thank me later! Enjoy!


Best Discussion on:

  • Best Practices
  • Business Strategies = Wealth Business
  • Investing in People
  • Hiring Better
  • Couples Goal Setting


Best Catch Phrase:  No One Succeeds Alone!


Best Strategies for Wealth Building

Jay Papasan loves to talk about the best strategies for Wealth Building. Over the last 19 years, he has become a real pro at wealth building. You will love this episode!


Best Way to Reach Jay Papasan

Jay Papasan – www.jaypapasan.com





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What a brilliant interview with Jay Papasan about The One Thing! If you are an entrepreneur, no matter where you are on the scale; you will absolutely love our discussion on the best strategies for wealth building. Jay has learned and honed his craft from his mentor Gary Keller and he shares his wealth of knowledge with us for a remarkable hour. Please don’t miss this outstanding conversation with Jay!


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