068: Travel Adventurer Visits Every Country In The world Twice! – Gunnar Garfors

Gunnar Garfors interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Gunnar Garfors is a Norwegian media professional, traveller, and author who has circumnavigated the globe, visiting every country in the world. Not once, but twice! Author of Nowhere, his newest book walks us through the 20 least visited countries in the world.

The first time for Gunnar Garfors was on May 8th, 2013. He entered the 198th and last country, Cape Verde, as a 37 years-and-344-days-old, which made him the youngest person to visit all the countries of the world while working full-time, or as a hobby traveller.

Recently, he became the first person to have visited every country in the world TWICE. Consequently, while accomplishing this amazing feat, he has set several Guinness World Records.


Guinness World Record

~ 5 Countries on 5 Continents in just one day

~ 19 Countries in 24 hours

~ 22 US states in 24 hours


Travel Changes You

Gunnar Garfors says he’s a Globetrotter and seeing the world has opened his eyes in so many ways that he would like to inspire others to do the same, or at least travel more.  We hear that a lot from our guests that are avid travellers. They all agree, Travel Changes You! And almost always for the best!


Travel Makes People Unite

We’ve had some pretty awesome guests on our show. With Mikkel being such an avid traveller himself, he loves to hear stories about exotic and unknown countries. In Ep 60: Doug Casey or Ep: Frank Bures – we talk about dangerous adventures in Africa, really a fascinating episode. If you haven’t listened in yet, definitely go back and enjoy!


Nowhere – The 20 Least Visited Countries in the World

Gunnar Garfors newest book, Nowhere – The 20 Least Visited Countries is due in Norway bookstores this April. The rest of the world will have to wait until later this year! The concept behind his new book Nowhere is to showcase the 20 least visited countries in the world.


Mikkel does his very best to figure out which 20 countries out of 198 are the least visited! It’s quite funny really as Mikkel manages to figure out about 1/2 of them. Gunnar Garfors talks about a few in this wonderful interview. He recounts stories of how he got into some of these war-torn countries and lived to tell the tale. Countries like Comoros, Africa getting 28,000 visitors a year. Why don’t more visit this tiny island nation? What’s there to attract tourism? What can be done to bring more tourists?


If countries like Comoros, or any other island nation interests you, you must go back and listen to Ep 031: James Ellsmoor as he talks about small island nations and the problems that they deal with today.


We talk about the South Pacific. Countries you may not have heard of, and why most don’t go for a visit. It’s usually not that they are not beautiful in their own right, it’s usually infrastructure, government policies, etc.


Have you always wondered what countries like Iran and North Korea would be like to visit? Mikkel and Gunnar have both been…fascinating how they both felt the same about these two beautiful countries.


How about South Sudan, Yemen or Somalia? What does it take to enter into these countries? Are you somewhat interested? Have the wars destroyed the natural beauty of the landscape? Gunnar has been twice, to all of these countries and has found in some cases, drastic changes from the first visit to the last visit.


Books by Gunnar Garfors

“198: How I ran out of Countries”

“Nowhere – 20 Least Visited Countries” due to come out in April 2019 in Norway and the rest of the world later in 2019


How to Reach Gunnar Garfors




What a fun interview with Gunnar Garfors. So many fun stores. It’s been my life long dream to visit every country in the world, so I’m totally impressed with Gunnar’s adventures. As if once wasn’t a feat beyond my dreams, doing it twice, and all before he turned 43 years old.


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About The Host, Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup; the host of The Expat Money Show, has 20+ years in continual travel around the world, visiting more than 100 countries including Colombia, North Korea, Zimbabwe and Iran.

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