049: Electric Vehicle Metals Held In Singaporean Vault – Next Big Commodity To Boom – Gregor Gregersen

Gregor Gregersen interviewed by Mikkel Thorup on The Expat Money Show

Gregor Gregersen is the CEO and founder of Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. A gold bullion and silver bullion Singapore dealer as well as The Safe House. A Singaporean Vault company for many types of precious metals; including electric vehicle metals.

Gregor Gregersen has lived as an Expat for nearly 38 years, and he actually gave up his German passport to become a Singaporean citizen. In this interview, we talk about why Gregor chose this country to build his vault for gold bullion and silver bullion Singapore and how this led to electric vehicle metals.


What are “Electric Vehicle Metals”?

The Electric Vehicle Metals I am referring to are the metals that go into the batteries that power electric cars. These are precious metals and bullion of high grade. They are used in the manufacturing process and compose the bulk of the batteries themselves.


Why Should we care about Electric Vehicle Metals and Batteries?

Electric vehicle batteries are becoming too cheap to ignore. In the past 4 years, production costs for EV batteries have fallen by over 70%, thanks to investments from major automakers. Elon Musk thinks that these costs will fall a further 20% by 2020. That would make these batteries cheaper to produce than internal combustion engines.


Special Report on Electric Vehicle Metals

After recording the interview with Gregor Gregorson I got massively interested in the topic of electric vehicle metals as an investment.


I took everything I learned from Gregor plus a couple of hundred hours of research and I compiled it down into a special report. In this special report, I break down why electric vehicle metals is a space you should really be paying attention to, what the opportunities are, what the pitfalls are and most importantly how you can get involved. I think you will see that the world is changing, fortunes are being made and by the time you hear about it on mainstream media it will be too late and you will have missed your chance.


In my daily life, I travel the world searching for unique opportunities, I put an intense amount of due diligence in my research and when I find something really extraordinary I share it with my subscribers.


This is one of those times…


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What Does Gregor Gregersen Store in his Singaporean Vault

Silver Bullion Singapore holds all types of precious metals including gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion. They buy, sell and test all types of bullion. And of course, as we talk about in this interview electric vehicle metals.


Conversations on Commodities With Gregor Gregersen

I find conversations on commodities like electric vehicle metals really fascinating. I have been speculating on things like this for nearly 10 years now. Sufficed to say a lot of work goes into understanding this.


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Final Thoughts

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