035: Artificial Intelligence And The Radical Changes That Will Happen In The Coming Years – Ben Hammersley

Interview with Ben Hammersley on The Expat Money Show

Ben Hammersley is a futurist, but that’s not how he started his career some 20 years ago. Similar to so many of us, his career path has evolved into something he absolutely loves as he helps companies and individuals create a more productive and effective workspace.


Let’s start with the obvious..what is a Futurist? and why is it so important in our daily lives and in our businesses?



a person who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current trends’


Today on the Expat Money Show Ben Hammersley and Mikkel Thorup discuss what a futurist might do for Big Corporate America who thinks they’re ready to implement artificial intelligence and how you yourself can change your life radically using concepts that Ben will teach you.

Ben describes what most companies want for the future. They see their business as moving forward and being innovative and being companies of the future. But in reality, they are still using fax machines, their staff don’t know how to use the systems that are currently in place properly, and in most cases, the systems they do have in place are old and antiquated. So wanting to move into the future really takes going back into the past and moving them into the present. If you work for a company that this sounds familiar, or you own a company and see yourself here, then this is the episode for you.



Futurism is a fascinating topic and I believe that most of you will really love this episode.

When it’s time to implement changes in your life. Ask yourself these two questions first:

  • What problem am I solving by doing this action (the why?)
  • If I was to be solving this problem today, but I was doing it for the 1st time and I was using modern tools how would I do it?

Imagine that you change 2-3 things a month in your life. That’s 36 things a year! WOW! Year after year, implementing new strategies that help to bring you up today and into the future.

Ben is hired by large companies and governments to talk about using AI and to bring them into the future. After he stops rolling his eyes, he tells them they can’t use AI, you can’t even use ‘Outlook’ properly!



Mikkel gets Ben to reveal what are the biggest companies that have welcomed AI and innovating in a way that will take them into the future seamlessly. I’m sure none of you will be surprised! And who are the companies that have refused to move forward? Again, no surprises!



What an interesting chat Ben and I had. I thought for sure we were going to talk about artificial intelligence and the big monolithic theory, when in fact we talked about the micro changes that can be made in our everyday lives and in our business.



Pay attention to what’s happening day to day and be responsible for your life!




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Every week on The Expat Money Show I aim to bring in the best Entrepreneurs from around the globe who are doing some really incredible things. Ben is such an amazing guy, his life’s work is rewarding and comprehensive and in this interview, he really teaches us how if we take, watch and improve just 2 or 3 daily routines in our life a week, that’s 36 unique changes we can make in our lives in one year. Imagine over 5 years and what an impact this will have on our efficiency!


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  1. Henry Collins on 08/15/2018 at 6:37 PM

    Great episode! Artificial intelligence is a very important topic that will de discussed in the following years. The are already designing software AIs to assist humans in their work, even in their everyday tasks.

    • Mikkel Thorup on 08/15/2018 at 7:13 PM

      Glad you enjoyed the episode Henery, make sure you check out my other episodes. There’s heaps of cool stuff from entrepreneurs from around the world

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