024: If You Get Your Fundamentals Correct Success Is Automatic – Akbar Sheikh

Akbar Sheikh Interviewed on The Expat Money Show

Akbar Sheikh helps Entrepreneurs to ethically scale their businesses to 7-figures immediately.

In this episode of The Expat Money Show, Mikkel Thorup and Akbar Sheikh discuss how getting your fundamentals correct first can make success automatic. Often times people over complicate things and miss the basics like health, wellness, diet, sleep, association, and others that we touch on in this episode. Akbar Sheikh talks about how he went from homeless to a top 1% earner in his industry by focusing on these exact fundamentals.


You can learn more about Akbar Sheikh at https://akbarsheikh.com


Mikkel Thorup & Akbar Sheikh at FHL 2018 in Orlando, FL.


The romantic notion of an entrepreneur working 24 hours a day 7 days a week, never sleeping, and hustle-hustle-grind-grind around the clock is not a sustainable approach. Akbar Sheikh recommends balance and he has some very strong opinions on how to get it. Make sure to listen to the complete episode to learn how these seemingly basic fundamentals can propel you and your business forward.


Akbar Sheikh talks about the 7 ethical principles of persuasion

In this interview Akbar Sheikh also shares some of his secrets on how he helps businesses to scale to 7 figures fast, using what he calls the 7 ethical principles of persuasion. He uses these principles to walk into an existing business and “fixes things up”. He uses a great analogy of a house and how with the right modifications you too can scale your business to 7 figures.


Final Thoughts on my Conversation with Akbar Sheikh

I enjoyed this conversation with Akbar Sheikh immensely and was very fortunate to pry him away from his work while he was in Sydney Australia for a project. Akbar Sheikh is very obviously a sought-after coach and consultant and his time is very valuable, I hope that you take advantage of this interview and write down some killer notes on things you can modify in your own life to make successes automatic for you too.

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