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How to open a safety deposit box in Singapore

How Safe Is Your Wealth?


Brexit talks have broken down.


Germany’s decade-long boom has come to an abrupt end.


Chinese exporters and retailers are finally starting to feel the pinch from Trump’s trade war.


After years of steady growth, index measures show that the U.S stock market is more volatile than ever before.


Public and private sector debt has comfortably exceeded pre-recession levels.


As the world economy teeters on the brink of another major downturn, investors are struggling to find safe places to park their money.

Fiat currencies are notoriously unpredictable. Oil prices have fallen off a cliff. Cryptocurrencies will take years to realize their true potential, and 2009 showed us what happens when real estate markets go south.

In fact, only two commodities have managed to deliver consistent value to investors over the past century.


No Such Thing as a Surefire Bet?

Try Gold & Silver


  1. Gold and silver are durable and portable. Take a look at the other elements on the periodic table, the vast majority of them are either: unstable, impossible to mine, or actively harmful to your health.


  1. Half of the world’s gold supplies have already been extracted. Silver may be more common, but it’s also used in far greater quantities.


  1. Durable competitors like titanium and zirconium are impossible to melt and shape without highly specialized tools.


  1. Platinum and other noble metals are far too rare. To use them as a store of value, you’d need to make coins so tiny that they’d be impossible to carry around.


  1. Gold and silver have served as a store of value for human civilizations dating back to 40,000 B.C.


  1. Gold stays steady when markets crash. When silver moves, you’ll know that it’s safe to invest again.


How Do You Purchase and Store Your Bullion?


Don’t be fooled by the ease and accessibility of ETFs and pool accounts.

When you buy precious metals through these paper products, all you’re really getting is an IOU that comes with a boatload of exceptions.

These instruments are under-insured, unregulated, and subject to the same market volatility as any other bank-guaranteed asset.

In other words, if the market crashes then good luck getting your guarantor to pay up in kind, you’ll be lucky to get half your investment back in dollar bills.


Bullion dealerships can be just as risky.

These companies often hold their bars in unallocated vaults and impose staggering penalties on clients that try to take possession of their own gold and silver.

Recent court cases show that only a small fraction of investor dollars actually go into purchasing bullion at all.

Oh, and did I mention most vaults are subjected to an archaic law known as Force Majeure that allows governments to seize gold reserves at the slightest provocation.


When All Else Fails, I Put My Faith in SilverBullion


  • Do you want the ability to purchase and sell precious metals at the current market rate, without worrying about withdrawal fees, commissions, and taxes?


SilverBullion’s intuitive trading platform provides real-time pricing and one-click trading for all bullion transactions.


  • Are you looking for a safer way to store your precious metals?


SilverBullion operates its own high-security storage facility that currently houses over 180 billion ounces worth of bullion. All new deposits are categorized and according to their serial number and manufacture date, they are then entered into a purpose-built inventory system.  Each piece of bullion is fully insured against the threat of loss, theft, or damage.


  • Are you worried about what will happen to your gold and silver if the economy crashes?


SilverBullion is extremely stable. The company holds enough cash reserves to cover a decade’s worth of profits, and they currently operate without any debt whatsoever.


  • Do you want to take a hands-on role in your gold and silver storage?


You can arrange a personal visit to SilverBullion’s vault in Singapore at any time, and check up on your specific allocation of precious metals. If you’re not happy with how they’re keeping your bullion, then feel free to withdraw the whole amount and take home with you.


  • Do you want to protect your assets against the threat of government seizure?


SilverBullion holds no jurisdictional relationships outside of Singapore, and the Singaporean government is notoriously protective of local businesses. In other words, nobody can lay a hand on your gold and silver reserves.


  • How do I know that SilverBullion is the right choice?


Listen, I own a healthy amount of precious metal assets. If anyone understands the importance of securing their bullion it’s me.


After talking to the company’s founder Gregor Gregersen, and going to visit the SilverBullion’s Singaporean vaults, I can safely say that to no bullion dealer or third-party fund can offer the kind of security, oversight, and transparency that SilverBullion does. Trust me, I’ve looked.


SilverBullion is the Right Place for Your Gold and Silver...